What do you think about this song “machala”

Machala,” a new song by Nigerian Instagram comedian Carter Efe has been released.

For the vocals on this song, Carter Efe works with “Berri Tiga,” a talented young Nigerian singer. In Nigeria, the term “Supreme King Boss” is known as “Machala,” and Wizkid’s fans like it.

On the other hand, Carter Efe has been vocal about his adoration for Wizkid and the name “Machala” as a potential stage name for himself.




Guys be wise this message is for

Guys  i think we should emulate this Cameronian guy 👇

A Cameroonian lady has been ordered by the Court to pay her boyfriend 23,750frs after he sent her 3,000frs to pay for a taxi to attend the man’s birthday party but the lady did not show up and instead switched off her phone.

The man went to the court and filed the suit together with evidence which includes his. momo (mobile money) statement and WhatsApp chats between him and the lady before and after sending the money after the lady ignored his messages and then switched off her phone.

The lady was ordered to refund the man 3,000frs plus interest of 750frs and a further 20,000frs in damages for the emotional anguish he went through.

The lady was detained awaiting payment of the damages by her family.

source : Moments With